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Packaging materials
Orienting to client’s convenience and packing things’ safety we assure you that “Kraustina” uses only professional and qualitative, specially for removals produced packing materials, means and equipment:
Different fragile things (dishes, vases, glass wares): packed to special newspaper-like cut into sheets white paper (measurements: 100 cm x 80 cm).
Furniture: packed to shown soft, bladdery wrap. This special wrap is also used for different free gaps’, niches’ filling and tucking (measurements: height – 120 cm, roll’s length – 100 m).
Pictures, mirrors and other flat things: for professional packing we use special boxes for pictures (measurements may vary).
Hooked clothes: we use special raised boxes with hangers (measurements: 130 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm).
Various personal things: standard boxes (measurements: height – 40 cm, length – 60 cm, width – 40 cm).
Furniture intended for regional removals: packed to special felt-like soft plaids that protect furniture from damage while removing.
Corners of furniture: according to client’s request can be additionally protected by special cardboard angles.
International removals: furniture and other things are specially prepared – we use double fold cardboard and bladdery wrap (sold in rolls or sheets).
Prepared for international removals packs are additionally wrapped with Stretch-type wrap. This additional packing means are especially needed when load is container or ship-mounted. It protects packages from damp and water and also makes load’s pack more resilient and less exposed.
For clients with exclusive needs we offer white boxes that are easily gathered and don’t need sticky tape. Such boxes are perfectly fitted for storing temporally unnecessary after removal things. Some companies also use them for archived documents.
Sticky roll is used for bracing boxes and different packs. We also offer special device for comfortable sticking.
For special loads that need high-level security our company offer specially made wooden boxes with different measurements.
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